Father's Day 2020

This is definitely the most unusual Father's Day I have ever experienced. There are a lot of things happening though I would like to share. 

Let's start off with my father, Cecil Miskin, or, as we call him "The Herd Bull" he truly has been the inspiration for my life. Dad is passionate, intelligent, energetic as hell, and has never met a stranger. Dad grew up in Detroit Mi, and is a self-described "recovering attorney"  He is currently the President of the National Buffalo Association, and has held more offices and board positions in different organizations than I can remember or count. He has taught me that if you want to see change or make things happen, you have to get involved. He is an avid fisherman, we have fished together from Alaska to Wyoming, from rivers and streams to deep ocean journeys. He has taught me the beauty of nature and the bounty that the Earth provides. He has been raising bison for over 30 years and has taught me that man and beast co-exist in nature. Dad writes, and writes well, he was the editor of the Texas Bison Journal since it's inception over 20 years ago, and has contributed articles and stories to dozens of magazines, journals, papers, and books.  Dad started this whole crazy buffalo hair thing back in the early 2000's and is still the driving force behind the project. He never slows down, doesn't let anything stop him, and will give you the shirt off his back. Dad is always the first to reach for the check when we go out, and whenever someone tries to fight him for it, his answer always is "It doesn't matter who pays, as long as one of us can"  Life is short, parents aren't with us forever, enjoy the time you have, make as many memories as you can, and cherish those. 


Dad speaking at the Armstrong County Museum about bringing bison back to Goodnight. Tx. 

I also might have inherited my sense of humor from the old man. 

yes, you found it. This was the first fish, and it has already been redeemed three times, BUT I hid a new one somewhere else. :)   good luck!       at the moment, there are still 2 codes available.



  • Victor H Beauzay

    You people are great

  • Deb

    Love that your dad is a “recovering” attorney. I spent my working life as a legal secretary/court assistant/Judge’s secretary, and I know first hand how hard attorneys work and how they often have no life outside the law. You are so lucky to have him! Happy Father’s day!

  • Cecil R. Miskin

    Thank you! and more.

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