Bill's First Buffalo Product Challenge

Welcome to the BWC Daily Sock Giveaway.

Good Morning, and I hope you all are doing well. T and I actually have to leave the ranch today for a very important errand... we truly wouldn't do this, but it is something we have to do. We are sanitized, have our PPE (masks, gloves, outerwear) and will be doing a full scrub down when we return.. I will share more about this later this week. (I did do a quick FB Live this morning, and I never thought I would show off our bedroom to customers, but here we are.)

In the meantime, here is your challenge should you choose to accept it. If you have ever seen the beautiful bison leather goods on our website, a lot of them are made by our friend Bill Keitel at Buffalo Billfold Co. They are absolutely top quality, made from U.S. tanned American Bison leather and all Handmade, cut and stitched in Worthington MN.

The challenge is "What was Bill's first buffalo product?" (it might take some reading around the site)

you can email me your answer to

Winners will be announced tomorrow around this same time.

If you were yesterday’s winner, please contact me for your prize!

Thank you and have a great day
Ron & T
The Buffalo Wool Co.

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