Trick or Treat

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It won't last long, which is good because you probably don't want it anyways. 

It's that time again, where we offer up a chance at greatness...or horrible disappointment, we get to clean out the odd things that have been piling up in the corner of the warehouse, toss a few skeins of good things in there to ease our conscience, and pawn it off on you for a measly $13 (and $2 shipping)

We know you are asking yourself all sorts of questions, hopefully we have anticipated them and have answered them correctly.

"Why should I order this?"  You probably shouldn't, we know there are already more skeins of yarn in your stash than you will knit up in two lifetimes.

"If I get two, three, or five will I end up with all the same colorway or different ones?"   Well, you will probably end up with a mix of stuff, but please try and keep it to 3 per person. Let's let all the kids have a chance. 

"If I don't love it, Can I return it?"  Nope, this is the deal... we normally have a 100% happiness guarantee, but with this, what you get is what you get, seriously, there is a chance it will be a horrible mess of miss-dyed tangled unmarked bison stuff. 


Is it out of stock?  well, this tends to go really quickly, but trust me, you are better off :) 






Customer Reviews

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So awesome!

I bought a trick or treat for $15, and I was so excited when I received it! I got a skein of Buffalo down wool and a pair of earrings that are normally priced for $15 for just the earrings alone! I could not be more pleased with my treat! Thank you so much Buffalo Wool Company! I'm going to try my luck again next year. :-)

My trick or treat was

My trick or treat was awesome and I plan to knit a warm cowl with it. Thanks!

Always a treat :)

I do this one every time, just because I love the promotion - but I always get great yarn, and this time was no exception; very happy with my treats! LOVE Buffalo Wool Company yarn!!

Trick or treat

I got some of the prettiest sparkle yarn that I've ever had! I didn't know y'all had it until I got this skein. Do you have more or was this the last of the line? Many thanks for having such a high quality line of products.

No Treat

I ordered two (2) Trick or Treats, received two (2)mismatched slim rug yarns w/ no yardage or fiber content. I mistakenly read the promo & thought I would receive at least two per each T or T. When I called w/ my questions, I received argument & blame. It was a very disappointing ‘Customer Service’ interaction. I have had positive experience w/ Buffalo Wool in the past so this disregard for my issue was cause for concern. I cannot waste my time arguing w/ customer service representatives. If they do not wish to be courteous & helpful, then I do not wish to do do business w/ Buffalo Wool, nor does my family & friends.

I am sorry you didn't like what you received, and we typically don't offer returns and refunds on the mystery yarns, but that was offered, and I am sorry you were unhappy that we weren't willing to send you more of the yarns you were unhappy with.
Treats Not Tricks

I received a beautiful skein of pink sparkly yarn. The color is fabulous and I am sure the skein was more than my investment. The candy was a nice touch also. Definitely worth it.

Trick or Treat

Always a treat

Trick or Treat Happy Feet!

Two skeins of Half Tracks in one of my favorite colors (turquoise) equals happy feet! Thanks BWC for the awesome treat!