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Resilience: re·sil·ience /rəˈzilēənsthe capacity to withstand or to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.


Life is tough, but the 2023 Resilience is tougher. Back in 2021, CEO & Founder of Shed Knives, Jack Billings, wanted to design a knife that was a Shed Knives first. Today, the 2023 Resilience is brought out of the vault and is now available with a few modifications. With a partial scale & composite material for the handle, this is extremely comfortable to hold & use. The curved handle, blade, spine, and scales make the perfect knife to use for skinning game and EDC.


The G-10 handles can be replaced/removed with either a flat or phillips bit screwdriver. The 3 screws can be used in the Kydex sheath to connect the clip. The G-10 handle can stay firmly attached without the middle screw, if needed. 


All 2023 models come with a black Kydex sheath. The Kydex sheath allows the knife to click into place and stay there without the worry your knife will cut through the sheath (which can happen with leather and Nylon) or fall out. Kydex can be easily washed with soap and water. Make sure to completely dry the inside of your knife with compressed air before putting your knife back in. 

Additional Features:

The jimping on the spine of the knife is a nice addition to help the user maintain a firm grip on the knife along with better control. The sharpening choil also helps the user with sharpening as it separates the blade from the handle with a clear & defined gap and helps the user fully sharpen the blade all the way to the heel of the blade. The half inch lanyard hole can be used to attach the knife to rope, line, D-rings, gear, and more.



Shed Knives



Manufactured In:

Delaware, United States

Overall Length:


Blade Length:


Blade Width: 


Blade Material:


Handle Length:


Handle Width:

0.75 - 1.25"

Handle Material: 


A little about Shed Knives, Handmade in the USA

Originally starting in 2018 as just a hobby, Shed Knives was started by 3 friends making knives on Saturday mornings. At the time, they didn't have a name, logo, or any solid designs but it was simply just for fun. The very first knife made by Shed Knives was actually not a knife, but it was "katana" or sword made from a piece of steel found in the local woods, wood from a scrap pallet as the handle scales, brass coat hanger for the pins, and a strand of leather to go over the handle.

(Sam Malinky - Left, Jack Billings - Right, the first time the forge had ever been started)

As they started to perfect their craft, the team of friends began getting noticed by friends and family for their new passion. As time went on in 2018, the 3 friends started trading knives for bigger and better machines to build the "Shed Knives Shop." To create the knives, the friends needed a forge. The original forge was made from a a big aluminum bucket, clay from the local river, a coffee can on the inside to keep everything contained, a hair dryer, and a metal tube connecting the forge to the hair dryer. The forge was created for $4.98 with only the vent tube needing to be bought.

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