Screen Used Bison (Buffalo) Hide / Robes

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Have you always wanted that amazing Bison (American buffalo) winter hide to have on the bed or couch, for those cold cold winter nights, or just to hang on the wall in the cabin? 

 Would it be better if it had a little history of its own?

These hides were used (for a very short period) by Universal Studios for the upcoming "News of the World" movie. The movie won't be released until Christmas next year.  (and yes, there is a very good chance Tom Hanks touched your robe, Ok, I don't really know that, but we were informed he was quite taken with all the American bison things we provided for the film) 

A uniquely American tradition, tanned bison hide has been used to warm and decorate homes for thousands of years. During the winter the robe is at its densest and most lustrous and make for the best hides.

 Our winter bison hides display a range of rich and deep hues, from dark coffee brown to golden caramel. The fur is soft and thick, making it ideal as rug or throw to chase away the cold. Next to the hearth, for the bed or on the back of a chair, add texture and warmth to any room.. 

Buffalo Hide

  • Prime Winter Fur
  • Made in USA
  • Fur Pile: 1” – 5”
  • Alum Tanned 
  • Hide with Tail
  • Approximately 72” (6”) X 66” (5’)
  • Buffalo hides are tanned honoring the long, storied tradition of the North American buffalo hide.


  • Tanned in USA, using sustainable tanning methods that avoid harsh, toxic chemicals
  • Winter Bison (Buffalo) Robes (hide)
  • No artificial dyes are used on fur, each Bison robe has it own distinct pattern
  • Very soft and supple
  •  shipping  included within the USA

Customer Reviews

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Buffalo HIde

I was quite pleased with the buffalo hide I recently purchased... Its in great condition and is everything I expected it to be! Kudos to you and your Buffalo Wool Co. and all its products. 1st class merchandise!!! ;-) Ken Ahler

Buffalo Robe

The quality of my new buffalo robe is off the charts. Can’t wait to see it on the floor of our new ranch house.....thanks Cecil!

I love my beautiful Buffalo hide.

I love my beautiful Buffalo hide. It is soft,large and lovely on my bed. I am happy that it was used in a movie because I feel it is being used and reused.