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Pretty Things

So, we had an empty hat box when we were setting up for Rhinebeck.  We thought it might be fun if we picked out a few of our more popular things, guest dyed yarns, limited edition kits, and then we hit up our friend Lindsey at Erin Lane bags, and had her match project bags to the yarns.  So, for just $5 more than the yarn itself, you get a coordinating project bag to keep your work in.
Pretty Thing #1  Indian Feather Mitts/Socks Kit  (Samba Red.. and the kit makes either mittens, fingerless mitts or one of two different sock patterns)  Includes pre-strung beads.
Pretty Thing #2  Mermaid Lagoon 400 Yard gradient, by Knit Circus
Pretty Thing #3  BuffBoo Gradient set 1200 yards w/Luisach Shawl Pattern (Turquoise to Purple)
Pretty Thing #4  Renoir Impressionist 400 Yard gradient, by Knit Circus
There are only 5 of each one available, so if you are interested, don't hesitate... they will go fast.

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