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Mystery Yarn: MDS&W Edition

Well, If you are reading this you are probably going to be attending Maryland Sheep and Wool, Congratulations! 

This is a special edition only available for pickup in MDS&W please if you are not going, don't order.  It will not be mailed.  

4 times a year we do this, and this is one of those times where we offer up a chance at greatness.. for a mere $20 of your hard earned dough.   There are 100 bags available, so if you are interested, my recommendation is order now, they won't last long.   LIMIT of 3 bags per person... 

Up until now, you have either had the choice of being able to order a "Mystery bag" or getting a discount in the booth on your purchase. This time, we aren't going to make you choose... you can get both!  With every "Mystery Bag" you get a coupon for 10% off your entire purchase from the BWC at MDS&W. (it will be inside the bag)

Ok, it is not greatness, it is actually going to be at least a skein of our premium yarn.  Which yarn will it be?  There is a good mix of "Heaven", "Earth", "Sexy", "Tracks" and "Half Tracks" and lots of  :Buffalo Skies"  What color is it going to be?  that is the mystery, we get to pick.  How do we pick?  Good question, we examine your purchase history, personality traits, Facebook friends, and favorite Chinese food, and do a little number crunching, and voila, we end up with your perfect color.  (or just grab one I hope you will love)  I am also tossing in 10 skeins of "Sexy with a twist of Silver" just to be nice to a lucky few....

We know you are asking yourself all sorts of questions, hopefully we have anticipated them and have answered them correctly.

"Why should I order this?"  You probably shouldn't, we know there are already more skeins of yarn in your stash than you will knit up in two lifetimes.  (but you can always reduce your unwanted yarn to make room for these with our "Trade in- Trade- Up" and donate them to Project Linus)

 "If I get two, three, or five will I end up with all the same colorway or different ones?"    Well, seeing as you are limited to 3 picks, that is up to you, these will be prepacked bags, 1 skein per bag, when it is your turn to reach in the barrel, just pick carefully.  

"If I don't love it, Can I return it?"  Nope, this is the deal... we normally have a 100% happiness guarantee, but with this, what you get is what you get.  So you better love it ;)

  (and please don't forget to bring your donation yarn to trade in for this)


Theresa, Ron, Lynette, Judy & Stacy

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