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"Happy Little Trees" Limited edition colorway for PBS

Who doesn't love PBS? We all grew up with Sesame Street, The Electric Company, Reading Rainbow, and then as we got older, we learned so much more from this one network, Julia Child, Masterpiece Theater, NOVA, Downton Abby, and Sherlock!  so many many more... and as an artist, I love Bob Ross and learned so much from him about color, shading, light etc... (ok, I am not really an artist, but I make things and dye yarn for real artists)  This is our little way of offering tribute (and giving back) to the Public Broadcasting System. 

To make it even more fun, we have teamed up with Pawley Studios and are offering this exclusive yarn along with an optional custom "Just Chill" mug, featuring the iconic fro of one of the most lovable artists ever. 

  20% off ALL proceeds from this offering will be sent directly to PBS.  In support of the PBS Endowment Fund.  (learn more here)

What could be happier than "Happy Little Trees"?

A deep rich green, exclusively for MDS&W, the luxury that is our "Sexy" bison/silk yarn, knits up like a dream, and is really soft and... well, yes, it is pretty sexy. 

Sleek, shiny, soft, and yes, very very Sexy, this blend of 50% bison down and 50% mulberry silk, is 400+ yards of lace weight goodness.   Multi tonal semi-solid deep green that knits up just ready for you to make some "Happy Little Knits" with just a touch of texture and shading.

   Includes your choice of ANY Patterns from our collection (there will be a coupon code in the package)

Yarn Features

  • 50% Bison down 50% Mulberry Silk
  • 400 yds
  • lacewight / 2 ply
  • Translucent semi solid hand dyed
Mug Features

This Misty Green Tone glazed phrase mug holds at least 14 fl. oz. and is approximately 4″ tall and 3.5″ wide, and is graced with the "fro" of a master.

Because of the clay body and the glazes used, your drink will get hot in the microwave, but the handle will not! The mugs are both microwave and dishwasher safe.

All pottery is handmade. Glazes do not contain lead. All pieces are microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe.




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