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DIY Wormhole Kit!

Want to create your own gravitational singularity? Have you ever thought it would be fun to experiment with theoretical physics?

We thought with a little research and a lot of brain power by people way smarter than us, we are now able to bring the fun world of quantum dynamics to the real world, and you get to create new and fun knitwear?

First, a little explanation of "String Theory" and how it relates to you.

In physics, string theory is a theoretical framework (theoretical is fine in theory, but we prefer a reality, where an individual, such as yourself, can actually participate) in which the point-like particles of particle physics are replaced by one-dimensional objects called strings (we are using plys of fiber to combine "strings" into a multi-cabled high-powered "yarn"). It describes how these strings propagate through space and interact with each other. (we are working with structural design engineers to create patterns, where these "yarns" can be manipulated using a pair of thin pointed needles or hooks, to arrange this "yarn" into various garments) On distance scales larger than the string scale, a string looks just like an ordinary particle or "Skein", with its mass, charge, and other properties determined by the vibrational state of the string.(in this case, the "string" has a mass of 50g, a length of 200+ meters, and the charge is $25, vibration can be dampened using a containment system) In string theory, one of the many vibrational states of the string corresponds to the graviton, a quantum mechanical particle that carries gravitational force. Thus string theory is a theory of quantum gravity

Based on the work below by Google's Quantum AI Lab, we have continued our work with the nuclear engineers at CERN and the fiber technicians at S&D spinning using a proprietary blend of natural fibers we have created a home-use version of "string" so you can develop your own physics experiments, or make a really nice hat/scarf/sweater.

Code Named "Happiness" we have taken this work one step further, and isolated the components needed to not only create the universe, but also to increase the levels of feelings of pleasure, satisfaction, and enjoyment, those are intertwined in such a way as to enhance all those, and with added warmth & softness. 

We have also partnered with Pawley Studios to offer a discount on a carefully constructed hand-made  "containment" system for handling your "yarn" With a carefully structured "tangle" on the outside, the molecular structure of this device will keep the string in place while the necessary manipulations are made for project creation. 

Base model ships in 50g- 200+ yard skein.  40% Bison down 40% fine pre-shrunk merino wool, 20% charcoal colored bamboo fiber

Please note: Containment system option will be shipped separately from base yarn, and pricing includes $10 shipping charge, as these things are fairly heavy and fragile, and we make sure they arrive in one piece  (please allow 4-6 weeks for shipping on this item)

Please limit 8 per customer. 

Hope you have a great April 1 everyone!

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