Bison leather shawl pin

Bison leather shawl pin

We have found the perfect craftsman (women) here in Texas who hand turns wood and inserts bison leather into a one of a kind shawl pin.  The weight of each shawl pin is fantastic for the light weight bison yarns.  Each pin has an attached turned shawl stick with decorative embellished charms (embellishment varies from pin to pin)

  • Natural Mesquite wood 
  • Natural Distressed Bison Leather
  • 2"x2" round disc
  • 3 1/4" shawl stick
  • Very Light weight, 1 gram - great with lace weight yarns
  • Hand Turned in Texas, USA
  • Decorative embellished charms


Details on the Mesquite wood

(Prosopis nigra) Black Mesquite is a heavy hardwood that ranges from rich brown to chocolate with purple overtones in color with a medium coarse grain structure.  Argentina, South America.

(Prosopis spp) Mesquite is a hardwood, light to dark cocoa with reddish tints, with a medium coarse grain and yellow sapwood.  Popularly used as a smoking or barbecuing wood, it is also valued as a turning wood, especially in its burls. It grows from the southwestern US into the northern areas of South America.

(Ebenopsis ebano) Texas Ebony has a dark reddish brown to nearly black heartwood, occasionally showing a greenish tint.  Its grain texture is fine but it often has knots, cracks and other defects due to its  being a small and slow growing tree.  Native to Southern Texas and eastern Mexico, it is related to Hickory.





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