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Bison & Bird Nesting holder & refill

This spring try offering your backyard friends, bison fiber for their nest.  Bison fiber has always been a natural resource for wild birds for centuries. Is also known for it’s warmth and insulating features. Most birds build a structure early spring to contain their eggs and their growing youngsters. Bison fibers provides warmth, as a insulating material. By having additional nesting material readily available, your encouraging additional nesting that can result in hours of bird watching pleasure.

Our bison nest material offer’s a blend of 3 of the 5 fibers (down, mane & guard hair):

All natural 100% bison hair

Value Kit contains  1 natural twigs bird fiber holder 3 in diameter  and, 1 BWC cotton bag filled with nesting fiber (2oz) 3 1/4 x 5 in .   Made in USA / FREE Shipping

Pesticide free

Chemical free

Oder free

Dye free


“Bison are a keystone species for ecosystem restoration”

Type: Garden

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