We didn't start out making the world's best socks.

Just so you know, T and I didn't wake up one morning and say "Let's make the world's best socks...  and let's make them from bison fiber!" 

It has been a really long journey (going on 15 years now) and an evolution of knowlege and ability, starting with the beginnings of harvesting bison fiber, learning the best way to clean it, separate the coarse fiber from the soft down, what fiber to blend it with, how to spin it into yarn, and then what to do with it.

This story started for us around 2005,   My father Cecil Miskin, had been developing "The Brown Hair Project"  and was recruiting anyone and everyone he knew in the bison world to collect and figure out what to do with the one part of the animal that really didn't have commercial value.  Around that time, I had a chance to sell my share of Mercado Juarez Cafe and escape the restaurant biz.  I was looking to find something to do that would let me spend more time with the family, and maybe see a couple of the daughter's basketball games. 

In the beginning, 


 laramy miller