Summer's End, successes and failures, gardening and homesteading stuff.

Well, It is that time again, where we go North to get a jumpstart on Fall... we figure it gets to Palmer AK first, so it is time to wrap things up here for a month, and we can get some fishing in, and some product shots in a beautiful place. 

We have been in high speed prep mode for a while now, and I realize I haven't shared that much that has been going on around here...  Every day is less "Green Acres" (I hope some of you are old enough to get that reference)  Things have been growing like mad, we have been canning, preserving, pickling, dehydrating, and Freeze Drying all sorts of things.  T's garden has yielded quite a bit this year, and while we still have a lot to do.. (tomorrow's project is putting in a new irrigation zone and drip lines for the fall plants) 

now that I have your attention...  (T;s mom had a birthday and we had a nice celebration dinner)