Personal Shopping Assistance

We truly hope the website here is easy enough to navigate and that we have described and photographed everything well enough to help you make an informed shopping decision. However, we would like to offer more personal assistance, help answer questions and do our best to provide the level of service we are known for.  You are always welcome to give us a call 802-379-6553 if you have a quick question or are ready to place an order.  

If you would like to do a personal video chat, where we can interact and show you products, hold up products for comparisons, offer a little more advice or whatever you might need. We are here to help. 

We have set up a booking calendar, and T or Ron will give you some focused attention and offer a better customer experience. We know the products intimately, and can hopefully make your shopping painless and perfect. 

Reserve a Time now

 A couple of the things we can offer.

Gift Wrapping

Scheduled Gift Delivery

Sizing Assistance 

Sock Selection


We have a limited number of time slots, (there are just two of us here) so, 

help answer questions, help with product and sizing selections, arrange gift notes and wrapping, shipping to multiple locations,