Our story.

Bison are just generally amaziing creatures. 

They are pretty much mother natures perfect design of a tank, they can go anywhere, the weather doesn't phaze them. They are extremely efficient, independant, and adept at  surviving in extreme climates from arrid plains, to high frigid mountains... their natural rangeland was from South of Mexico City, to above The arctic circle,, they are amazingly rugged but extremly nimble. They are just suited to traversing this land, from the Eastern mountains, across the great plains, from Montana to Monteerry.  Their protection from the elements, a rough shaggy coat they grow out each winter, and shed in the summer. This coat is comprised of five types of fiber.. The long and stiff mane the tough and springy "guard hair" down their back , the long black "chap" hair on their forelegs, the s 

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