BWC Sock a day Giveaway

Going to make this as simple as possible..  every day we will have a challenge. Some days it will be as simple as 'share a pic of your BWC socks"  or other days it will be something to help promote some of our friends.. but no matter what, it will be easy, online, and not cost you anything.   We will share it on our FB page every day around 10 am (ish)  Or, if you would like, we will have a little email out daily with that day's challenge.    

We spend a bit on Pay per click and retargeting ads, but I am turning those off until this Covid-19 crisis is over. We would rather spend that money putting socks on the feet of people who help and support us.

As much as we do need to have customers purchase things in order to do things like harvest fiber, pay ranchers, pay the mills and processors and their employees, make more things, keep the lights on etc..  right now we need each other.  When we get through this, we will hit you up with as much advertising and marketing as we can. In the meantime, lets have some fun, not stress about things that are our of our control. and maybe learn some things about each other. 

Please note, you can only win once per Pandemic, but we would appreciate it if you continued to participate... don't cost nuthin. :)

Winners List

D. Gerit S.





Link to get on the list 


This is just a quickie.. if I get some time today, I will see if I can fluff this up a bit.