Buffalo Bonus!

Bison Bucks Rewards is our way of giving back to loyal customers. It’s a free program that’s easy to use and quick to reward without all the fine print or restrictions.

Shop, earn, redeem... It’s that easy.

Every customer with a store account is automatically enrolled in our Buffalo Bonus program. Upon registering a new customer account at The Buffalo Wool Co, you will receive a welcome bonus of 250 points to get you started.  

How do I earn Bison bucks?

  1. Shop!  - you get 10 Bison Bucks for every dollar spent at The Buffalo Wool Co.com
  2. Refer Friends -  you get 250 Bucks for every friend you refer that makes a purchase with us.
  3. Win Them!  We will be giving Bison Bucks away in our Facebook Contests, we are going to try and do a weekly Wednesday contest at 8 pm CST Join us, it might be fun!
  4. Reviews  (Coming soon)  you will get points for reviewing your BWC stuff!

Current Rewards

(please keep checking back, new rewards will be added)

  • $5 off your order  -  500 Bison Bucks
  • $10 off your order - 1000 Bison Bucks
  • $25 off your order -    2500 Bison Bucks
  • $100 off your order -  10000 Bison Bucks