Custom Bison Leather Chukka boots The Buffalo Wool Co.
Custom Bison Leather Chukka boots The Buffalo Wool Co.
Custom Bison Leather Chukka boots The Buffalo Wool Co.
Custom Bison Leather Chukka boots The Buffalo Wool Co.
Custom Bison Leather Chukka boots The Buffalo Wool Co.

Custom Bison Leather Chukka boots

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Have you ever wanted a pair of boots custom built just for your feet? This is one of the things my father has found and is probably the most comfortable boot you could ever build. The "Herd Wear" bison chukka boot, made for us ... from our leather, by the wonderful craftsmen and women at Footskins of Minnesota.

Wow.  We've been working for years trying to find the right bison leather chukka boot .. not too stiff, not too tall or short, not way too expensive.  This one just nails it!

Butter soft American tanned bison from our good friends at American Elk and Deer; 4 eyelet;  7" tall;  hand whipped external toe seam Full two layers of bison, so it is both bison outside and bison lined (but the lining is the same thickness as the outer layer for even more durability and support); medium Neolite out-sole, Sorbathane insole, leather lacing.

The tobacco boot in the picture is the demo pair that Dad has been wearing for about 16 weeks .. and he just loves them!  The black are the production run we just received to the Herdwear store.

Plenty of support for both the ankle and foot, even thought this is a true moccasin - no shank or stiffener along the foot bed.  The instructions for custom boots and how to trace/measure are just below, So, if you need it wider, or to fit around a bunion or other foot "uniqueness", no problem.  Please feel free to give us a call Dad or Darlene to assist if you need.


Footskins has now started on Tobacco (the boot color in the picture).  They will be in by December 1, then Mahogany (the reddish color in the photo) and last Chocolate (dark) Brown.  However, if you custom order, we will get your boot CUSTOM MADE and to you will be able to select any of the 4 colors and have your boots within 60 days of our getting the foot tracings and photos.

In addition, we will gladly send you a pair of these in the size you request just to try for size.  If that happens to be the color you want, then they are yours. .. but we always want to be sure size is proper.  If you want a different color, you will get yours just as soon as they are made.

Call if there are any questions ... 915-247-6601

Tracing and Measuring for custom orders:

Step one:

  • While sitting, have someone trace both feet on paper. Wear the typical sock you plan to wear with these boots, thick or thin.
  • Be sure to hold the pen completely vertical
  • Do not make allowances or adjustments .. just trace the entire foot
  • Note: If you feel that your measurement changed significantly while standing, then please do a second tracing standing

Step two:

  • Using a cloth tape measure, measure around the foot -the circumference - at the ball of the foot (the widest part, usually starting at the big toe knuckle). Do not pull the tape measure tight; just comfortable
  • Write this measurement on the tracing at the point where you measured

Step three:

  • Take a second measurement of the circumference 1 ½ inches behind the first measurement .. towards the ankle
  • Write this measurement on the tracing at the point where you measured

Step four

  • Include any additional information that could affect the fit of these boots. This could include sensitive areas such as corns, bunions, or such.   Tell us if you have a narrow or sensitive heel.  If you have a high instep, measure from the floor up over the instep to the floor on the other side. 
  • Take a photo of your foot from the top down, and of any part of your foot to which you want us to pay special attention, if any.

Mail the original foot tracing or tracings to: 

Buffalo Gold, c/o Footskins,
PO Box 146,
Spring Grove MN  55974. 

Put your name, daytime phone and email on the tracing so we can be sure to match it to your order.  Do not scan or email the tracing as that could distort the actual size.  However, do email the photo(s) of your foot to   Please, call me at 915-247-6601 if there are ANY questions.

Specify boot color, as well.  Black, Tobacco, Mahogany or Chocolate

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David B. (Brooklyn, US)
The softest, supplest boots ever made

I have always loved chukka boots and vellies (a/k/a velskoene or veldskoene), but occasionally have trouble with buying shoes off the rack. I ordered these in a 13D, but that didn't fit. Problem? No, of course not...Cecil and the fine folks at Footskins came to the rescue. They had me trace my feet on cardboard, take photos of my naked feet, and explain any pressure points. Less than 5 weeks later, I received the softest, supplest, most comfortable pair of American bison boots I ever could have dreamt of having. The secret, aside from painstaking attention to detail, is the fact that they use the smooth side of the leather both inside and outside...that means double the amount of leather compared to another shoe. These fit like gloves; I feel like I'm walking on a cloud. This is amazing!!!!! Where have you been all of my life. I'm going to get another pair or two. Hands down the best boot for the money anywhere in the world!!! Congratulations and a most hearty thank you to Cecil and his whole family, as well as Therese and all the rest of the fine folks at Footprints. Don't miss out...order today!

Melody S. (Edmond, US)
Great service

Love your product

Ian (Somerville, US)
Chukka Boots

Got my boots yesterday, don't normally write reviews but...Outstanding quality, comfort and craftmanship. Made in the USA!! They look awesome and are extremely comfortable. You get what you pay for. Lets hope they stand up. Did not bother going through all the custom stuff, just ordered in my size and they fit like a glove.

Anthony D. (Murfreesboro, US)

These are some of the most comfortable boots I’ve ever worn. They feel as comfortable as house shoes right out of the box! As long as your measurements are precise and the instructions for the custom options are followed the fit should be amazing. I haven’t had the opportunity to run the gambit for durability, but they seem very well constructed.

Natasha (Windsor, US)
Custom Bison Leather Chukka Boots

Just ordered these and haven't broken them in yet. At the moment I am going with 4 stars but I see possibility for upgrading to 5 stars. The only negative so far is that there are 2 seams on the heels that are giving me blisters. This is happening more on my right foot, which is 1/2 size smaller than the left foot. (Though I assume the boots were made to accommodate the size difference). I wonder if bringing the seam around to the outside of the foot could be a design solution? I started out with thin socks, then switched to thick socks which helped. I also wrapped the laces around my ankle before tying, which seemed to reduce friction. Next hike I will wear sock liners with thick socks to further reduce friction. I bought these boots with the sole purpose of surveying steep grasslands- having a tight fit is important to prevent ankle twisting and a durable exterior should help prevent grass awns from getting into every imaginable crevice. My husband thinks they're too beautiful to wear as field work boots. :0) The many positives include custom sizing, beautiful craftsmanship, lots of foot dexterity and control inside the shoe (per the flat, moccasin-style), good price, and purchasing from the fine folks at BWC. I am excited to continue breaking in these boots and seeing their best field applications.

Jack F. (Lenoir City, US)
Great boots, great company

Outstanding, well made boots with the highest quality bison.
Customer service is above and beyond the norm.
Highly recommend.
Would buy again.
Telling everyone.......

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