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Bison (Buffalo) Hide / Robes 19% off

Bison (Buffalo) Hide / Robes

$ 895.00 $ 1,100.00

Have you always wanted that amazing Bison (Buffalo) winter hide to have on the bed, couch,  for those cold cold winter nights, or just to hang on the wall in the cabin? These are prime winter bison hides, tanned by...
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Buffalo Wool Co bison & silk slouchy knitted hat burgandy
Our bison/silk cable knit hat, seriously sleek, soft, lightweight and warm. This hat is designed with a loser fit as a slouchy hat. The knitted pattern is diamond. Available in natural (undyed) and four colors. 50% Bison down & 50%...
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Extreme Gear cabled headband 90% Bison 10% Nylon
Stylish beautiful cabled headband provides great coverage for the ears and forehead. With a long gated cabled design this headband fits snug but gives enough stretch as needed.  We have two blends to choose from based on your needs. The...
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Balaclava - full head mask
The best balaclava will keep you warm on the coldest of days. Made with our bison down yarn this is the best protection for the entire head, face and neck. Both are thin enough to wear alone or as a...
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Bison Lace Scarf Only 3 left

Bison Lace Scarf

$ 140.00

 We had so many request to buy our hand knitted lace scarf that we had them made. This scarf is light and warm, great to be worn as a shawl or a scarf. 90% Bison down 10% nylon 18 x...
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Buffalo Blanket Vest 22% off

Buffalo Blanket Vest

$ 250.00 $ 320.00

 This vest is a great sweater vest that drapes and fits any size as well as shape!  With the strip falling close to your natural waist line draws the eyes out creating a nice relaxed waist.  This will become your...
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