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Extreme Bison Down Fingerless Gloves with leather palms

It doesn't matter if you are bowhunting in Iowa, or fishing in Alaska,  if you figured the cost for every minute you get to spend out in the field,  anything that betters your chances of staying warm and dry is worth it. And now we have added a deer leather palm for extra grip. 

Weighing in at just about 2 oz per pair, our “Herdwear” gloves, are the lightweight, surprisingly soft, and seriously strong answer to unprepared wilderness newbies.  Clocking in at 6x warmer than wool, these are pro-quality and "buff-tough".  The best part,  get them wet, they just wick the moisture a.way from your skin, and keep you warm and comfortable, unlike most man-made fibers, maintain their insulating properties when wet. 

 Tough enough to survive an ice age.

Combed from the insulating, downy undercoat of the American Bison, until you put these on, it's hard to believe their ultra-soft comfort and lightweight warmth. These fingerless gloves are so lightweight that they are only 1.2 oz per glove. These gloves are durable, absorb moisture without feeling damp, and retain body heat well.    Made in the USA. Machine washable.     Like all of our bison products, 100% guaranteed.. either you love em, or we buy em back. 

 Check your glove size with this  Handy Sizing Chart

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