Legendary Women

We believe that you are capable of being a Legend, doing whatever your passion drives you to do.  We celebrate the women who found their calling, put their heart, soul, and a fair bit of effort into the things they loved.  From preserving our majestic bison, or wild horses, providing medical care on the frontier..  and

What are you going to do to make your legend? 



Prairie- "Doc Susie" special edition
 Legendary Woman, Special Edition by Blue Moon Fiber Arts Our newest luxury bison/silk blend.  Warm, soft, chunky and ready to become whatever you would love it to be.  The soft halo of the bison fiber, and the slinky sheen of...
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Tracks Sport- "Wild Horse Annie" Special Edition
Bison "Tracks" Sport weight 140g skein 400+ yards each, enough for just about any pair of socks.  90% Superwash Merino, and 10% Bison down with a high twist,but very soft ad squishy, with a magnificent bison halo.  Great for shawls,...
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