Holiday 2020 Shipping Information and Status.

shipping informationLike just about everyone else, we are experiencing shipping delays with the USPS, and we are monitoring this situation closely.  The USPS really seems to be overwhelmed. Folks, we have a LOT of our packages that we shipped out over the past 2 weeks that are still "in transit". Worse yet, the USPS Tracking is not functioning as it usually does. 

So, our suggestion is Fed Ex ground or home delivery if you still want to ship …. But the news is still talking about just how backed up Fed Ex and UPS are, as well

For our friends on the East Coast, I am pretty sure this winter storm Gail, is going to be effecting things even more. 

We are getting everything out same day currently if the order is in before our 3pm CDT cutoff. (next day on those)  the above image is a screenshot of our shipping program dashboard.  

The USPS has quit guaranteeing 2-3 day delivery on Priority Mail, however, it is moving faster than our Free First Class Delivery.   We are now splitting the cost of upgrading to Priority and offering it at $4 (it actually costs us a minimum of $9)  it does include $200 worth of insurance, and it seems to have better and more reliable tracking. 

We are also offering FedEx Ground shipping at $14, they seem to be doing better, and ground takes 4-5 days currently.

We can also ship 2nd Day or Overnight, via FedEx or UPS, please contact me for pricing (our website doesn't have the ability to calculate rates, I have to check those manually, as they can vary considerably and I don't want to put a flat rate on some of these, it does get expensive quickly) 

As of 12/16 we have shipped almost 3000 packages in the last thirty days, and have only had a handful of issues. We have 39 packages from 11/29-30 that have no scans yet, 11 of them have now finally shown up, and we are working with everyone else to ensure a happy holiday with some awesome bison products.  

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