We are Theresa & Ron Miskin, our family has been raising bison for almost 30 years, and we are passionate about bringing you the best quality bison products.  The last ten years we have been developing a supply chain incorporating small mills, local designers, and large ranches, and along the way, it is our belief that together we can preserve one of America's great symbols, and help bolster the U.S. economy by focusing on American Made products


We are dedicated to conserving and promoting the American Plains bison and the ranchers that raise them. 


We believe you're only as good as your word. Here's our promise to you:

1. We are committed to helping conserve and promote the American plains bison and the ranchers that raise them. 

2. We stand behind every product 100%, if you don't absolutely love your purchase here, we will replace, exchange or buy it back.... your choice.

3. We are available to answer questions most of the time, and we love talking to people about bison, and our bison products. Please, if you have any questions, call or write.. we answer emails fairly quickly, and the phone most hours.  

Contact Us:

The office number is 802-379-WOOL (9665)

Ron can be reached at 817-905-4584

Theresa can be reached at 817-320-2966


The American Bison (scientific name Bison bison. Also commonly referred to as the American Buffalo). 

Not only are Bison unique to North America, but at roughly 2,000 pounds they are the largest land mammal to roam the continent. They are often considered the most majestic and fiercest animal in the country’s national parks and preserves. Yet despite their importance to the landscape and people, American Bison were nearly hunted to extinction by 1890, at which time there were fewer than 800 left surviving. Luckily, the story did not end there. Protected by legislation, conservationists, and breeding programs of privatized ranchers – the Bison population is now near 500,000 and they are no longer an endangered or threatened species.  


Bison are not just a uniquely American story, their inner-coat is a soft and insulating fiber with many properties more advanced than the world’s best wool. This “down” coat is one of the reasons Bison have been able to survive in extreme climates of both hot and cold for millennia. 


We are also Proud Members Of The Following Associations, Please Click On Their Links For More Information.



The American Made Matters® 

mission is to educate consumers that buying US-made products strengthens the American dream.


Help to Elect Our National Mammal 

National Bison Association

The American bison today faces a bright future, thanks in large part to private ranchers/farmers, public herd managers, tribal leaders, conservationists and consumers.

Texas Bison Association

Texas Bison Association

The Texas Bison Association works to promote and preserve Texas bison through leadership, education and building public awareness for the bison ranching and meat industry. Founded in 1994, the Texas Bison Association provides assistance in raising and producing bison among our membership and promotes the nutritional health aspects of the North American Bison to consumers. The TBA welcomes anyone with an interest in the preservation and promotion and production the Native American Bison.


The Mountain and Valley Wool Association (MAVWA) produces the annual Wool Festival at Taos now in its 31st year (as of 2014). Without the support of members and volunteers, the hugely successful festival would not happen.Please consider becoming a part of this dynamic organization.


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